The Clark Academy dance class curriculum is built upon the three most popular styles of dance: ballet, tap, and jazz. But, we offer so much more no matter what dance level you are. Our wide variety of dance classes in different dance styles like hip-hop dance, step ‘n rhythm, and afro-caribbean are fun and exciting for dancers of any level. Learning a variety of dance styles enhances dance training, ability, movement, and endurance. All of our dance class styles are available to beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers.

In addition to our regular weekly classes, we also provide opportunities for students interested in different styles or techniques through special workshops. Our partnering with  MOVI- Movements of Various Identities has allowed us an opportunity for more diverse and creative dance training than ever before!

Clark Academy Dance Center

Recreational and Competitive Dance


Our dance classes are the perfect way to get your heart rate up and have some fun! We offer a variety of different dance styles for all ages and dance abilities. No matter what dance level, our wide range of dance classes and dedicated dance instructors can teach just about anyone how to dance.


We offer several different dance styles of dance, and we have dance classes for serious dancers as well as those who have never taken dance before. Our passion is teaching dance to everyone who wants to learn. So, no matter your age or dance level, we have a dance class just for you!


We also offer private one-on-one dance instruction classes (solo) and small group classes (duos, trios, quads), regardless of dance level. Please inquire at the front desk or speak with Mr. Matthew about setting up Private Dance Classes for you or your child. 

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All of the dance classes we offer are available for children as young as 18 months thru adults.

Dance classes are structured by age and dance levels, from beginner to advanced and competitive levels.

Ballet Class


Ballet builds strength, balance, and control, and improves all other forms of dance mobility when dancers are trained in ballet. Ballet class is one of the hardest disciplines for young children to master, so our classes move at a slow pace and often include repetition of single movement(s). Ballet fosters discipline, patience, focus, and strength.

Because of class structure and required muscle development, we do not recommend this for children under the age of seven. However, all of our pre-school tap classes include a basic introduction to Ballet as part of the class.





Tap Dance Class


Tap Dance is the perfect way to improve coordination, develop rhythm, and even build core strength. It can be an excellent form of exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels. But tap dance isn’t just about physical benefits! Tap dance lessons also offer mental stimulation, social interaction, and artistic expression.

Tap classes are offered for all ages, beginner through adult.

Clark Academy’s mastery of tap dance through Director Matthew Clark has brought home over 28 World Championship Tap Dance Championship Titles.

Matthew Clark is the 2022 Director of the USA Team IDO Dance World Championship Competition in Mexico. 






Jazz dance combines techniques from ballet and modern dance with current forms of popular dance. Movements are influenced by different kinds of music, popular culture across different eras, and famous choreographers like Fossi.

Jazz classes are tailored to age and danceability. Kicking, stretching, and jumping are elements of choreography used. We recommend students enroll in ballet classes to improve strength, flexibility, and technique.








Hip Hop dance is a vibrant form of dance that is a combination of different freestyle movements to hip hop music. Through its three main styles of popping, breaking, and locking, hip-hop dance is one of the most influential and popular dance styles. Unlike other core dance styles like tap and ballet, hip-hop can be learned without formal training and is seen in all areas of music and pop culture. Hip-hop has even made its way into the gaming world with games like Fortnite, where gamers can choose specific dance moves as “emotes” that use real choreography paired with music. 

All Dance Levels

children- adult

Modern | Contemporary

Modern dance can be described as highly expressive, challenging the structured techniques of ballet. The focus for modern dance is not on following rigid postures or positions, but rather it’s all about expressing themselves through movement! Modern dance performances and choreography is often deeply rooted in evoking emotion through the music and the movements.

Ballet is not required, but ballet class is recommended for serious dancers and competition teams.


All Dance Levels




Afro Caribbean

A vigorous form of ethnic dance that stresses isolation, coordination, and the use of multiple rhythms. The dance, whose origin derives from the continent of Africa, is strongly based on the secular and social graces of movement developed by the tribal communities throughout. Live percussion is an exciting part of the class.


All Dance Levels


Acro Class


Acrobatics is the most athletic of all the dance forms. It stresses the extreme flexibility of the dancer and requires a great deal of upper body strength. Acro skills learned range from the basic “bridge” to basic tumbling skills, but at all times remain unique and distinct from gymnastics.

Because Acro requires a great deal of strength, we recommend taking these classes in addition to ballet.





Stretch and Strength Class

Stretch and Turn | Movement

Stretch & Strength class is a technique-only class designed to improve and complement the abilities of the dancer. It works to lengthen the muscles of the body to their fullest extent, which creates a greater level of flexibility. Stretch and Strength classes include strengthening techniques designed to build muscles and increase body control. While the Stretch and Strength class is for ages seven and higher, because of its slow-moving pace and lack of dance “steps”, it is generally taken by serious and competitive dancers.






Children Benefit from dance

Diaper Dance

As soon as children learn to walk, they can learn to dance! Dance class for our littlest of dancers is designed to stimulate the imagination through movement and music. Little dancers learn basic steps, rhythm in music, and coordination. Your child will be having fun while they learn how to move to the music. Socialization is a major factor in the initial introductory stages. Emphasis is put on each child’s personal needs for development.

Diaper Dance is a parent & child class for ages 18 months-2 years old.




18 months-2 years

Tap and jazz Combo Class

Combo Class

Our combo class includes dance instruction in tap and jazz. Combo classes are 90-minute classes and are designed for beginners. Dancers learn both tap and jazz styles and techniques, which are incorporated into the choreography.