in-studio sickness and wellness policy


Clark Academy Dance Center is dedicated to providing dance classes in a safe and healthy environment that protects our students, staff, and families. By working together, we can keep everyone healthy and our doors open for dance class all year round. We have updated our Covid policies for 2023, however, other illnesses such as the flu can spread quickly, so we ask everyone to stay home if they are sick.

Sanitizer is always available upon entering the studio as well as located in several areas throughout the academy, and the entire facility is deep cleaned on a daily basis.


Masks are optional within the facility and in dance classes. Students may choose to wear a mask while in dance class or upon entering and exiting the dance studio. 


Any student who is sick should refrain from coming to dance class. Our goal is to keep everyone healthy and prevent the spread of cold, flu, and Covid. 


We encourage anyone who is eligible to stay up top date on the flu and covid vaccines. Our instructors have all received the Covid vaccine to protect our students and families.


  • Students who are sick should not come to class until they are well or cleared by their doctor.
  • Masks are not required and are optional.
  • Use sanitizer and smart hygiene practices such as frequent hand washing.
  • Students should never come to class with any symptoms of COVID-19, flu, or other symptoms such as a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or generally not feeling well.


Clark Academy Dance Center opened its doors to our new location at the height of the pandemic. Our dance family was diligent and dedicated throughout the Cocid-19 restrictions, and we’re thankful to all who did their part to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Now that Covid restrictions have been lifted throughout the country, we are excited to get back to “normal”. Despite Covid restrictions being lifted, we are still focused on keeping everyone healthy. Colds, flu, and other viral or bacterial infections spread quickly, so we ask parents and students to refrain from bringing their children to class if they are sick or unwell.