It is our goal to provide exposure to a broad range of opportunities that will expand students’ artistic growth and prepare them to make meaningful contributions to their communities.  Clark Academy Dance Center is blessed to have benefactors who are dedicated to helping students learn to dance, love the arts, and become contributing members of our community. Through their generous gifts, we are able to offer Scholarship Opportunities to select dancers.

To be considered, both an audition and a written essay are required. Auditions are judged by a panel with distinguished backgrounds in dance, music, and the arts. We post audition dates on our website and Facebook Page for non-students, and current students are informed in the studio. 


Dr. Lance Formolo Scholarship


The Dr. Lance R. Formolo Memorial Scholarship awards scholarships to dancers who show both a skill in dance and a clear desire for artistic recognition. Awards are given out to the top students from this cohort based on auditions and essays. We thank Doctor Formolo, and his Husband John Warner, for providing this endowment. Gifted funds will provide students with a platform to grow physically, professionally, and artistically. 



Former Student of Matthew Clark

Doctor Formolo was an avid dancer, musical theatre performer, and saxophonist. Most importantly, Lance was part of the Clark Academy Dance Academy Center, where he displayed his commitment, dedication, and his true LOVE for the art of dance. 

Lance has passed, but his spirit lives on at the Clark Academy Dance Center. Lance was part of this community, and the Dr. Lance Formolo Scholarship will perpetuate the spirit of innovation and love of the arts that he exemplified throughout his life.

Professional Achievements

Dr. Lance Formolo was an adjunct assistant professor at NY Chiropractic College and taught clinical skills to students and residents at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Buffalo. He received a distinguished service award from New York Chiropractic College. He was an investigator on several VA chiropractic research projects, authored numerous articles for peer-reviewed publications, and gave many presentations. He was an ambassador for Dining Out For Life®, raising funds to fight AIDS, and was a member of the board of directors for the Miss Buffalo Scholarship Organization. 



Arming and Diffusing Attitudes That Confuse Children

The mission of the A.D.A.C.C. Crawford Foundation is to be physical, mental, and emotional supporters of children in the process of developing from children into adults, by helping them Grow-Up, Get-Right and Give-Back: thru the act of nurturing, connecting, and listening, while pleading for, supporting, and recommending fairness on their behalf, as they interact within their community, lead by an institution of Christians that aim to promote and maintain standards of Peace, Patience, Positivity, and Purpose in their lives.

You can learn more about the A.D.A.C.C and Founder Valerie Crawford here 

Valerie believes in “Helping Other Children Believe in Themselves and Teaching Them How To Make It Through Life in Peace, Patience, Positivity & with a Purpose”. She is a blessing to Clark Academy Dance Center and to all the people she supports through her work. You can see her special message videos “Who You Are: To All Women” and “Who You Are: To All Men” on her website by clicking here.

Valerie Crawford



A.D.A.C.C stands for Antonio, D’Angelo, Angel-Lia, Chakia, and Christina Crawford. Valerie was just 12 years old when she and her siblings lost their mother who was murdered.

“Before you begin to feel too sad for us, know that before she was taken away from us, she gave us the Greatest Love of All… the love of knowing the Lord and finding our strength WITHIN HIM, which is how we made it thru so much without her. And that’s what this foundation is all about….”


Past Scholarship Winners


Liam Harris


Lakiya Saulters


Imani Hunter


Harper Kisloski